Fuel to the Fire: Part II

Yes, it’s the topic I can’t shut up about. Not going to write a lengthy commentary this time, but maybe just provide some more food for thought in case you’d like to open your mind 🙂


Islam is not the enemy. ISIS is terrorizing Islam as a religion: it has turned the rest of the world on Islam. Generalizing, ignorant comments are exactly what ISIS set out to start. Don’t surrender yourself to their inverted radicalization tactics. When you blame Muslims as a whole for this, you are like a pawn on the ISIS chessboard, dividing the playing field and giving them more people on their side. You don’t have to just take this from me either. Listen to this TV Episode from Australia:

“Well, I’m not scared of all Muslims. I’m scared of these 25,000 refugees coming in, and of terrorists disguising themselves among them.” I’m going to be straight up and say I’m awfully sick of hearing this one. Do your research. It is harder for a person to come to Canada as a refugee than as a visitor. These are not just random people we’re letting settle into our country. This isn’t just true for Canada either, as a tourist visa is easier to obtain in the U.S.A. than refugee status would be. If you were part of the organization in power, would you go to these dangerous extremes – risking not even making it – to enter another country simply to bring terrorism yourself?

“What about the Syrian passports found in Paris?” First of all, these passports have been deemed fakes, most likely created in Turkey. And the Egyptian passport some people question belong to one of the victims of the shooting. Plus, if you think about it rationally, what kind of person of any intelligence will carry their passport on them while shooting up a city…? Unless, of course, one of their specific goals is to plant said passport, leaving it behind on purpose. Passports being left behind at a crime scene, in my opinion, is hardly a mistake.

Not to mention refusing refugees is just plain inhumane and ironic in a twisted way coming from countries like our own who claim to be more civilized than countries like Syria. Are we directly beheading and raping Syrians? No, but by leaving them to their demise in Syria, we may as well be. Watch this video for some perspective:

Even more to think about… we are all immigrants and refugees ourselves here in Canada. This is a nation of immigrants and refugees.

But perhaps one of the most important things to realize here is that it is not only foreigners or Muslims who can be terrorists.

People from Western countries have abandoned their families and lives to join ISIS and other terrorist organizations. This is not a strictly refugee or Muslim problem, as most of these people are converts of their own volition. These people are radicalized due to a missing feeling of connection with our Western society, leading them to connect with the radical ideologies of another; in this case, ISIS/ISIL. Radicalization is a problem that can affect a person of any race, any religion and any citizenship. Long story short: there is no way of having a 0% chance of terrorism in any country unless there are no people at all. (If you fear your child is at risk of or already in the process of radicalization, you can reach out to either Hayat Canada or Mothers for Life.)

Maybe you’re wondering why we don’t just go there and neutralize the problem?

For anyone who only speaks English, let me translate:

NEWS REPORTER: Do you understand what happened? Do you understand why these people have done this?
BOY: Yes, because they’re very very very bad. Bad guys aren’t very nice. And we have to be really careful because now we have to change homes.
DAD: No, don’t worry. We don’t need to change homes. France is our home.
BOY: But there are bad guys, Daddy…
DAD: Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere.
BOY: They have guns, they can shoot at us because they’re really bad, Daddy.
DAD: They have guns, but we have flowers.
BOY: But flowers don’t do anything… They’re for –
DAD: Look there, you see everyone leaving flowers?
BOY: Yes?
DAD: It’s to fight the guns.
BOY: They’re to protect us?
DAD: Yes.
BOY: The candles, too?
DAD: They’re there so we don’t forget the people who are now gone.
BOY: The flowers and candles are there to protect us…
DAD: Yes.
NEWS REPORTER: You feeling better?
BOY: Yes, much better.

If even this little boy can understand in mere minutes that love will always trump violence, why is it taking intelligent adults so long to grasp this concept?

France, I understand that you are hurting, I really do and I feel for you. But FIGHTING TERRORISM WITH MORE TERRORISM IS NEITHER HUMANE NOR LOGICAL. We are punishing innocent Syrian civilians that we should be protecting because a select few have taken it upon themselves to commit monstrosities. If one man was a serial killer, we wouldn’t put his whole neighbourhood in the electric chair, so why is it okay to do this? 


I’m done with #PrayForSyria , it’s time we #FightForSyria. Don’t sit passively by while our democratic governments kill innocent people. They don’t need to be Western for us to care, do they?! YOU have a voice, so use it! SPREAD LOVE!


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